Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Desirable New World” in South Korea

Look how nice that our seeds are spreading throughout the world! 


“Desirable New World” was published in South Korea by the local 21 agenda and distributed to NGOs, cooperatives, etc., in short, to all those who work with sustainability.
We were very pleased because South Korea is a reference in innovation for sustainability!

To download the Korean version, click here. For versions in Portuguese / English, click here.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Cherished and Catharsic supporters of Desirable New World!
In the end, six thousand publications were printed and almost four thousand Portuguese   and English copies were distributed at the Rio +20.

This was only possible thanks to your support, to those who worked on the book, for free or at symbolic prices, and to the utilization of lighter weight materials, which brought about the partnership with Pancron.

The delivery report, amounts, etc. will be in the "updates" menu of Catarse.
Thank you for your patience, shipments are being made.
Your comment on this blog or your first impressions by email would be appreciated.
And, please multiply the link for download of the PDF or to get a printed copy.
Spread the word to all! Let's pollinate desirable futures?

Best regards,
Lala Deheinzelin
and “Crie Futuros” Team